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Unfortunately as bankruptcy continues to loom

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Unfortunately, as bankruptcy continues to loom for Chrysler and GM, Boston Used Cardealers warm that the suppliers may face additional bankruptcy risksthemselves until cash begins to flow again.

Numeroussuppliers have already expressed Crate Plastic Mould concern to Chrysler, and have notifiedthe automaker that they were simply out of cash. That may unfortunately takesome time.



Withconsumers hanging on to their cars longer, and no longer needing newcars to replace ones in adequate working order, those auto partssuppliers doing business with the automakers are in a precarioussituation according to one Used Car Dealer Chicago.

With rampant production delays, not to mentioned dramatically reduced production due to decreased new car demand, Used Cars Richmondsay suppliers have been hit hard, despite the Big Three themselvesbeing at the forefront of the automotive industry’s struggles. Meanwhile, other auto parts and accessories suppliers such as the Toyota Accessories Store have found success dealing directly with consumers interested in putting money into their existing vehicles. With the restructuringof Chrysler, Collision Center Winchester hopes the automaker moves quickly to negotiate with suppliers to achieve acceptable payment terms

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